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Tom Diener

8th Grade Boys Coach


Tom Diener has been a teacher and coach for roughly 35 years. He has been a regular education and special education teacher, as well as served in school administration. Over the years he has worked in both private and public schools, and taught in suburban and inner city settings. He is passionate about helping kids learn and achieve. Tom has been particularly interested, and successful in using basketball as a vehicle to that end.

Dave Petrick
8th Grade Boys Coach


Coach Dave Petrick has been teaching and coaching at Salam School for the past 18 years; ever since the inception of its sports program in 2002.  He started with an 8th grade boys’ team and slowly built the program to what it is today.

Driven by his belief in the importance of sports in a student’s life, he was able to establish a strong and admirable athletics program for both girls and boys at the middle and high school levels, thus becoming Salam School’s Athletic Director.

During his tenure at Salam, Coach Petrick was able to get the Salam Stars’ name out among other competing schools, and in the 2017-2018 season, he lead the 8th grade team to its first round win at the prestigious Padre Serra Tournament.  It was the first Padre Serra win in Salam School history. 

This year, Petrick will again be coaching the 8th grade boys’ team.  He strives to build a winning team with strong character and exceptional skills that will carry into their high school sports.  Coach Petrick is excited to a work with a talented group of athletes and is looking forward to a fun and rewarding season. 


Munjed Ahmad

7th Grade Boys Coach


Munjed Ahmad has been a volunteer middle and elementary school basketball coach for various seasons.  He has coached the 5
th, 6th and 7th grade teams throughout those seasons with each of the teams he’s coached ending the season with winning records.  His primary coaching philosophy is to create team spirit between teammates with an emphasis on Islamic rules of behavior (akhlaq and adab) and sportsmanship.  As someone who believes that the youth will serve as ambassadors of their faith and community to the outside world, Munjed strives to use basketball to further the Islamic character and knowledge of each of his players.  His coaching method is to build each player’s understanding and progression of the fundamentals of basketball while making basketball fun for each player.  He also serves as a member of the Salam School Advisory Committee and the ISM Shura. 


Midhat Farrah
6th Grade Boys Coach



Midhat Farrah first started coaching at Salam School in the 2018-2019 season. He is also a Salam alumnus and played as the starting point guard for Salam School's first basketball team ever from 2003 to 2005. Back in those days, the gym was brand new and didn't yet have a hardwood floor!

Midhat is passionate about basketball and he is excited for the opportunity to give back to his alma mater. He wants to work with the young men on the team to succeed. Ultimately, providing the young Stars with basketball lessons that the kids can translate into life lessons.



Ashraf Mustafa
5th Grade Boys Coach


My name is Ashraf Mustafa and I graduated from Salam School in 2011. During my time there, I was always involved in sports and, actually, was a member of our very first boys basketball team. After graduating, I helped coach both the middle and high school boys‘ teams for 5 years. So, for me, this has always been something I hold close to heart. Furthermore, being a part of a growing Muslim organization has also been something I take pride in, specifically because of how it has impacted my own life. Truly, I believe that my personal success has a lot to do with being brought up in our tight knit community. That being said, I’m excited to come back and help our youth continue to grow and flourish.

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