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Julianna Snow
MS Girls Basketball Coach


Julianna Snow joined the coaching ranks of Salam School in the fall of 2010 as the head coach of the high school volleyball team.  She moved to the middle school volleyball coach in 2017 after noticing a need to develop the younger players before they got to high school.  The program has seen great improvement since Coach Snow has been on board and players have received all conference honors under her expertise.  She played four years of high school volleyball at West Allis Central, two of those years were as a varsity player, and was a sprinter and jumper on the school's track and field team.  

Coach Snow graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a bachelors degree in art history and  classical civilizations.  She found her passion to be in athletics and teaching so she started teaching physical education at Salam Elementary in 2013.  Her goal as an educator and coach is to help her students gain self confidence, become contributing members of a team, and show them how fun fitness can be.  

"I love being able to teach and coach students across various ages, but I especially love coaching young athletes new to the sport.  My goal as their coach is to help them be confident in their abilities, grow in the sports they participate in, and be ready to compete at a high level in high school and beyond."




Sujoud Badwan
MS Girls Basketball Coach


Sujoud Badwan is a Salam High School alum that began coaching the Salam High School girls varsity team as head coach in 2014.  She has since transitioned to coaching girls middle school basketball.  Sujoud strives to help prepare the younger players for high school basketball.  She intends to do so by building a better foundation of the sport through the development of the basic fundamentals of basketball.  When Sujoud attended Salam School, the girls basketball team was still up and coming.  She had the opportunity to play for the team when it finally came together her sophomore year of high school.  Basketball was something Sujoud enjoyed very much and was something she always looked forward to throughout her high school career. In addition to playing basketball, she was also a varsity player on the Salam High School girls volleyball team.  Sujoud enjoys playing sports of all kind and would like to hopefully channel that to our new generation of youth. 

Sujoud is a recent graduate of Cardinal Stritch University in which she received her bachelors of science in nursing.  She wishes to teach young female athletes the importance health and fitness has beginning at a young age. 

“I am thankful to have been given the opportunity to give back to Salam School through coaching.  I feel that it is important that students take advantage of the sports programs that are available to them at Salam.  The students are extremely blessed to be given this opportunity.  These programs have the ability to shape student athletes in that they teach discipline and build character.  The girls are representing Islam and spreading dawa.  These are a few of many things that are overlooked when it comes to sports.  Students should be able to understand that they can be both a student and an athlete.  All it takes is a little bit of time management.  My goal as their coach is to help them uncover the skills that each of them posses, and bring to light the degree and potential every student is capable of.”



Rawan Oudeh
MS Girls Basketball Coach


Rawan Oudeh is a Salam High alumnus and has been an active member of the Salam School community. Rawan is now a recent graduate of Marquette University and looks forward to giving back to her community. She had participated and held the role of team captain for both basketball and volleyball teams throughout middle and high school years. In the spring of 2018, Rawan coached the 4th & 5th grade girls basketball program in order to develop the basic skills and understanding of the sport. 


“I’m very excited to work with the Middle School Girls Basketball Team. Salam school has provided me with many opportunities to be part of a greater team in the past, and I’m really looking forward to leading the MS basketball team to victory this season!”